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    we make them if there is no chance of saving the original denture.
    a. returning before extraction of teeth and right after removal (immediate prosthesis)
    Immediate prosthesis presents a temporary solution with which we try to make the time without teeth as short as possible. It is a little inaccurate when it comes to the connection of the mucuos membrane and inner surface of the prothesis. Until the full rejuvanation of the incision, after removing the original teeth it is often necessary to underlay them few times (re-base), to reach the strongest mucuos membrane- prothesis connection. We use materials according to an agreement with a patient, counting with expected lifespan substitutes.
    b. Within a sufficient time span after all the extract incensions are healed.
    If the incensions, which are created by removing a tooth, are closed and if the form of mucuos membrane does not change it´s shape we make definitive reconstruction. We are very careful to make sure that connection between the mucuos membrane and the inner sides of the prothesis is as strong as possible. This way we can ensure the maximal tightness of a reconstruction and patient´s comfort.
    In the case that even after using maximally precise technology a patient does not adapt to his or her prothesis to any reason, we offer additional underlaying, as in underlaying with simultaneous reduction of the basis (pink part of the prothesis).
    For underlaying we use elastic material with excellent biological and technical attributes: it has a smooth surface – it does not absorb liquids from food or mouth, it is adaptable by heat and finally it chemically attracts to the material, which the reconstruction is made of, that is why there will no rift between them. Its plasticity can be set according to the demands of a patient.