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    Dent2e is the name of the concept to which we came upon through more than 25 years of experience. Throughout the time of our shared practice with dental technicians we tried to work out such procedures as to create the highest quality dentures with the least amount of burden on the patient. The expression of quality is durability with unfailing esthetics, and attempting to afflict limited strain we of a patient we endevour to reduce their suffering while performing the reconstruction process, as well as during their adaptation to the new denture.
    During the creation of our method it grew more and more obvious that aforementioned task cannot be fulfilled by using classic methods, that is to say in the first half of 20th century using metal parts of the reconstruction together with chemically solidifying plastic. Such a solution may stand the test of time and be wide spread, but despite all of the novellization it has already reached the height of its use and does not contain any more space for further innovation. Over time it corresponds less to rightful the requirements for esthetics and use comfort expected for patients.
    The usage of thermoplastic in stomatology is not anything revolutionary but for a long period of time it was hard to use, because of the technological difficulty, which could not be compensated for by significantly better precision when compared to classical approaches. Also, there were not any reliable replacements for the metalic substances in dentures, and usable materials were disproportionately expensive or very difficult to work with. The revolution came with the German company Bredent: their technology is a strong competitor for the established approaches when it comes to expenses, time, space, required energy or ecological impact, and boasts much better quality in the final product. We based our method on the aforementioned basis that allowed us to find suitable solutions even for such situations which would be very complicated using the classical approach. These are mainly due to a stronger gag reflex, intolarace of metals in the mouth, intolerance of stubborn materials pushing against oral mucous membrane, and impossibility of the acceptation of covered palate. We make completely or partially removable dentures, crowns and bridges.
    The indivisible part of our method is the radical transformation of relationship between the performing team, among patient, dental technician and dentist. The basis of this thesis is that the production of an dentures is one hundred percent in the hands of the technician. That does not correspond to the current situation where a dentist stands between the patient and the technician, causing them both to appear in his shadow. The technician makes the dentures after a model (even though very precise) but it depends on the patient with whom the technician must be familiar - the result is a semi "ready-made" dentures. It is necessary that the dentist steps out and lets all parties involved get in contact with the patient and remains only as  a moderator of the procces. Only in this way can "tailor-made"dentures be created for every patient. In this relational transformation we see a great significance for the process, which is introduced by dent2e.