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    1. General regulation
    By this Jiří Kantor claims conditions and legal constraint for using this internet presentation    (thereinafter only conditions) on web pages www.dent2e.com, www.zubnistranky.cz, www.zwik.cz and registered addresses.(thereinafter addresses) These conditions apply to everyone willing to use web pages (thereinafter users). Entrepreneur of the web sites is Jiří Kantor (thereinafter entrepreneur), who is in accordance with zák. č.121/2000 Sb., about authority rights and rights related to authority right and about changes of some laws (thereinafter authority right). Jiří Kantor is authorised to own property rights of these web sites.

    2. Terms of use of the web sites
    Using the websites for other reason than one´s own need (both whole web sites and single parts) without permission of the owner is not allowed. Other forms of use are subject to the aforementioned authorization of rights to the owner. Access and use of the web pages is free of charge. To intervene by any means without approval of the owner is strictly forbidden. The right to decide about the alteration, removal or addition of any part to the web sites is given only to entrepreneur.

    3. Rejection and restriction of responsibility
    The content of these pages is a result of precise choice, control and editing with a goal to help its visitors or their relatives and friends to gain or keep their buccal cavity healthy and to inform them about questions that relate to oral health in the broadest sense. My goal is not to substitute a real consultation with a dentist about questions of the health of buccal cavity. On the contrary, I positively recommend to not only read this web site, but also visit their doctor. I am not taking any responsibility for health problems or health damage caused by using any content of this web site. Even if recommended by any doctor with specialization in this field. The entrepreneur takes over some information published on different web sites, which are not listed here. The enterpreneur is also not responsible for any content of web pages of the third subjects, which can be visited through his web pages and he is not responsible for any kind of advertising carried out by the third subject.

    4. Protection of your privacy
    Personal information related to running this web site, which you provide including your e – mail address and phone number, will not be gathered in any database. They will not be given to any other third person to any other usage, without your own definite, doubtless approval.
    Only for www.zwik.cz web site:
    1. In concern of protection of your privacy your e – mail will not be saved (as the only information) to our database. That is why we have to ask you to note all your log in information (name and password), because they cannot be repeatedly sent to your e – mail and thus information that you have provided may be lost!
    2. If the documentation is not browsed for three years, it will be automatically deleted.
    3. The editors of the web sites does not carry any responsibility for the correctness of information, which you provide. All of the consequences caused by that are provider’s responsibility.

    5. Final Statments
    Publishing any information on web sites, except for aforementioned conditions, does not have character of a legal act which would create a legal relation between entrepreneur and a user. If not stated differently in other cases only the Entreprenur is allowed to change or add these conditions. Conditions and legal constraint of using these web sites become valid with the day of publish.

    Dr. Jiří Kantor
    date of issue 25.5. 2001